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Renovating Your Lawn: Things You can Do to Beautify Your Lawn

We've all thought about renovating the house now and then. Add a new coat of paint in the kitchen, new flooring in the living room. But have you ever thought about renovating your lawn? Just as we get bored with the look of our indoor spaces, sometimes your outdoor spaces need a little oomph. Here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing.

New Grass

Although it sounds like a big job, you can actually replace your entire yard to make it smooth and even. This is a good option for lawns that are spotty or have several different types of grass, giving the lawn an uneven and perhaps unattractive aspect.

To replace your grass, there are two main methods: you can seed or you can lay down sod. Seeding is probably easier than sodding, and it is certainly less expensive. However, seeding requires maintenance to keep its appearance, while laying sod is more like planting a tree: you plant it and walk way, maybe watering it now and then. This is largely because sod can go on slopes without the risk of seeds washing away.

Landscaping with Plants

Landscaping is a fun way to make a lawn look uniform and esthetically pleasing. When using plants as the centerpiece, your focus is on designing flower bed locations and making decisions about mulch and edging. You can do plant landscaping with trees, bushes, and flowers, the combination of which can be quite appealing.

Landscaping with Natural Stone

You can also landscape using natural stone as the focus. You can eliminate the use of plants altogether with hardscaping, which is mentioned below. Or you can mix plants with stones by edging a pond with natural stones, adding stone pathways, or using boulders to decorate flower beds. Natural stone is also useful as a material for retaining walls.


Hardscaping takes plants out of the equation altogether. If you want a back patio with walls, seating, an outdoor kitchen, and fireplace, hardscaping is your answer. Hardscaping is beautiful because it uses natural stone, is durable because it doesn't erode, and is also low maintenance.

Water Features

Renovating your lawn by adding a pond or fountain here and there is the perfect way to bring life to your outdoor scene. Ponds can be stocked with goldfish for a pleasant little garden getaway, while a fountain can be installed to add the perfect white noise. While much more of an undertaking, installing a pool can be just what you need to make your yard more fun and relaxing.

No matter which route you take, whether overhauling the grass or installing a natural stone patio, renovating a lawn can be a fun way to make your living space more interesting and peaceful. If you want to better enjoy your patch of green, consider updating your outdoor space this summer. As for where to go for lawn services, check out Cowan Lawncare, where you'll find just what you need to keep your lawn looking its best.

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