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Enhance Your Guitar Lessons With These Five Tips

Whether your guitar-player dream is to be a rock star, play in a country music band, or just strumming with friends, here are five great tips to get the most from your beginner guitar lessons:

Before starting each lesson, make sure your guitar is in tune. Teaching yourself to recognize the pitch for each song will require practice of the song; an out-of-tune guitar will make this impossible. You can choose from several free online tuners, each with up to 50 tuning alternatives, and your choice of acoustic or sine wave. Some advance from string to string automatically, or let you delay the advance if you need to adjust your timing.

Keep challenging yourself. Don't get caught up in continually practicing the same songs you've become reasonably comfortable with, just because they make you feel good about your guitar playing talent. Learn a new song each week or two, beginning to end. It will take a few weeks to get it right, but it will add variety to your training and enhance your skills.

Find a great teacher, video, or online class, and stick with it. Hopping from one YouTube guitar-playing how-to video to another, for example, can be confusing, and even contradictory. Remember, you're tackling the basics. You can easily alter what you've learned in your first lessons as you later gain the expertise to customize.

Use a metronome. You can purchase one, or use an online version. This handy musical tool will teach you the art of counting beats, crucial to honing your ability to play in rhythm with your band mates.

Play slowly at first. Concentrating on finger control is much easier if you're not trying to play fast. As your guitar playing improves you'll find yourself just naturally playing faster.

As with any beginner training, guitar lessons require patience. Finding the right instruction, buying or downloading the right tools, and pacing your practice may add a few hours to your mastery, but the beautiful music you make as a result will be worth the wait. If you are looking for lessons in Columbus, IN, call Tom Pickett's Music Center today.

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