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5 Signs You Need a Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is often overlooked by drivers in regular vehicle maintenance. Proper alignment adds to your safety and, over time, your wallet. Do you know when it's time to get your alignment looked at by a professional? Here are 5 signs that your car is due for a checkup:

1. While driving, your car pulls to the side

If you find yourself fighting against your steering wheel when you're driving straight, you may have an alignment issue. When the alignment is off, the vehicle can drift to the left or the right. Test this out by loosening your grip on the steering wheel for a few seconds; if your car doesn't continue on a straight path, it's time to get those wheels in order.

2. Your tires show uneven tread or rapid wear

The tread pattern can tell you a lot about your car. Uneven tread, which occurs when the inside or outside of a tire is more worn than the middle, can be a sign of misalignment. Rapid wear is also a concern: Misalignment can put extra pressure on your tires. Having your alignment checked about every 6,000 miles can ensure slower and more even tread, so you can avoid buying expensive new tires.

3. Your steering wheel isn't centered

Much like the pulling, this sign is most noticeable when you're driving straight. If your steering wheel noticeably tilts in either direction, you can bet that your alignment is off. Fixing the issue can mean better gas mileage.

4. Your tires squeal

Misalignment causes tires to grind on pavement instead of roll over it, which causes a squealing sound. Squealing could also be caused by a tie rod, wheel bearing or other dangerous issues, so it's best to get your vehicle looked at immediately.

5. Your steering wheel vibrates while driving

Though wheel vibration could be related to other mechanical issues, if your wheel shakes while driving and is accompanied by one or more of the previous signs, it's time to make your appointment to get that alignment corrected.

If you have experienced any of these signs, it is time to get your alignment checked by professionals. Stop by Lanning Automotive & Tire to get your car alignment in perfect shape!

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